Fans fear for Sam Armytage’s beloved family member

Please put Banjo on a diet.
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Fans have expressed concerns for Sam Armytage’s dog, Banjo, with multiple comments pointing out his apparent obesity.

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Sam’s followers have recently flocked to a 2019 photo of the dog, making extreme comments about his health.

“Sam, that dog neeeeeds Jenny Craig … lol,” one read.

“Needs doggie Craig. Big fatty boom bah. Seriously… if you love him you will need to get some beef off him or lose him,” another fan warned.

“Weight watchers for Banjo,” said another.          

“Please….stop over feeding your dog. 😢,” one pleaded.

Sam Armytage Sunrise Dog
Banjo has been fat-shamed by the internet. (Credit: Instagram)

In the photo, Banjo is relaxed and snoozing on a couch with his legs hanging out.

Banjo, who is four years old, is a yellow Labrador retriever, a breed notorious for over-eating and loving a treat.

Studies have also shown that a gene mutation associated with weight and food motivation has been linked to the breed.

However, Sam admitted to Kyle and Jackie O recently that Banjo is reportedly 50kg, which is 20kg over the recommended weight for a dog his size, meaning his problems are likely more than genetic.

Sam Armytage sunrise dog
Banjo is a four-year-old yellow labrador. (Credit: Instagram)

Despite this, some of Sam’s followers were happy to jump to Banjo’s defence in the comment section.

“Sam. I heard people have been fat shaming poor Banjo ☹️ I have a lab cross German Shepard call Presley and at one stage he weighed 65kgs. He was a big curvy baby. People need to grow up and focus and their own lives. Banjo is gorgeous! 💖,” a kind fan wrote.

“For God’s sake wish people would stop saying he’s fat or chubby. He’s not it’s just the way he’s lying. He’s a beautiful boy. 💙💙💙,” another said.

Banjo Sam Armytage sunrise
Banjo seems very well-loved and well-fed. (Credit: Instagram)

Comments on other photos of Banjo also say just how cute he is, especially on a post Sam made for his fourth birthday last year.

“❤️❤️❤️ Look how happy he looks in that baby pic 😍 Too cute! Happy birthday Banjo,” one wrote.

“Ohhhhh I remember when you were talking about getting a pup on Sunrise LOL and trying to decide on which type!!! Cutie xx,” another reminisced.

“Happy birthday Banjo 😍. I can’t believe he is. 4. Now ♥️♥️♥️. So glad you will have more time for him now. Enjoy. We will miss you Sam. 😢,” said another, referencing Sam’s decision to leave Sunrise last year.

Banjo Sam Armytage Richard Lavender
Sam married partner Richard Armytage last year. (Credit: Instagram)

Sam has had plenty of time to spend with her beloved Banjo now that she is no longer working as a presenter.

Leaving Sunrise in 2020, she now hosts the podcast Something To Talk About with Samantha Armytage, and writes a column for Stellar magazine.

She also married partner Richard Lavender at the very end of last year, and has since been able to spend more time with him at his country estate in the Southern Highlands.

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