Ruby Rose speaks out amid Veronicas meltdown

The Hollywood star takes to Instagram.

Amid the same-sex marriage survey results being released on Wednesday, Ruby Rose lashed out at girlfriend Jessia Origliasso’s twin sister Lisa over comments allegedly made about their relationship. 

Now, just one day after the two’s Twitter feud, Ruby and Jess have taken to Instagram to prove they are stronger than ever. 

The Hollywood A-lister took to her social media with a sleeping Jess in her arms, writing: ‘I’m her little protector.’ 

Ruby and Jess were at the airport waiting for a flight. 

(Credit: Ruby Rose/Instagram)

Yesterday, Ruby slammed Lisa online after she sarcastically suggested her ‘joyous’ reaction to Australia’s same-sex marriage vote outcome was contradictory. 

In a Tweet, she claimed Lisa had commented that the pair should ‘feel lucky they don’t get stoned to death like they do in other countries’ before deleting the post. 

Ruby tweeted, ‘So glad to see Lisa Origliasso screaming in excitement about the yes vote after telling us she thinks we should feel ‘lucky’ we don’t get stoned to death like they do in other countries and to get over it a few months ago. Really warms my heart.’ 

A number of Ruby’s 1.33 million Twitter followers blasted her for her rather bold response to such a positive moment.

‘It’s an emotional day. I’m a human being and need to remind myself not to let the people below try to drag me down,’ Ruby wrote after deleting her original tweet.

It appears Lisa does not follow her sister nor Ruby on social media, and hasn’t posted a photo with her twin in many months.

Just a day after the results, Jess has also released hew own statement to Twitter. 

It starts, ‘With the current conversation that was happening in the lead up and outcome of the marriage equality results this week, I feel it is necessary to share some feelings. 

‘I may not have struggled with an inner turmoil, but that doens’t mean I haven’t struggled with people close to me, degrading my sexuality because of their own personal judgements or ignorance. People can publicly support the LGBT community, but behind closed doors inflict deep pain because of their own inability to accept or understand you as a part of that community.’

Jess continues, ‘That can be a particularly difficult and heartbreaking experience. But one that hasbeen a private and real struggle in my life. For anyone struggling in silence, please know you ar not alone.’ 

The response is believed to be a response to Lisa’s initial Tweet regarding the postal vote results. 

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