The real reason Em Rusciano quit 2Day FM

The radio personality says she now feels "vulnerable".
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Following reports that the staff refused to work with her because she was ‘toxic’ Em Rusciano decided to set the record straight as to why she actually quit her “high paying job.”

The pregnant radio personality has written a blog post detailing that while the job gave her financial security, it stopped her “from being able to do the things I love.”


Rusciano shared how her decision to leave was difficult because her pay cheque at 2Day FM allowed her to support her family: “For two glorious years I didn’t have to worry about people still liking me enough to show up for the art I made.”

The soon-to-be mum admits that she now feels ‘vulnerable’ about her career, but ultimately it was falling pregnant with her third child that solidified her decision to leave breakfast radio.

Em wrote, “I had intended to work through until December, but as my pregnancy is progressing I’m finding it increasingly harder to fulfil the requirements of my job. So after talking it through with my family, and my boss Gemma [Fordham], it was decided that I should finish up.”


It was rumoured that there were many behind the scenes tensions, including the co-hosts not getting along and Em wrestling with 2Day FM over giving her creative control to produce the program, which was ultimately declined.

Despite it all, Em has thanked her fans and listeners for their support.

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