Life after Chiko rolls: Where is the Puberty Blues cast now?

Bring back the fish-faced molls!
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Never before  – or since – has there been the existence of a local TV series that featured such a wealth of time-specific and catchy Aussie slang.

From calling rivals “fish-faced molls” to dumping lovers with the brutal yet highly effective “You’re dropped!” or throwing in a well-punctuated “deadset” for impact, Puberty Blues is one of the most quotable Australian shows of all time.

WATCH: Puberty Blues sneak peek

The coming-of-age teen series takes place in the 70s and was based on a book by Gabrielle Carey and Kathy Lette (it was also made into a film in 1981).

Released by Network Ten in 2012, the TV series brought to life the storylines featuring sex, gender politics and what it was like to grow up in Sydney coastal suburb Cronulla at that time.

Now, Puberty Blues has found a legion of new fans after its two seasons dropped on Netflix in 2021, giving it a new lease of life.

So what are the cast up to almost a decade after the series was first released? Scroll on to find out!

Puberty Blues Claudia Karvan
Claudia Karvan (Credit: ARE Media Archive/ Getty)

Claudia Karvan (Judy Vickers)

As one of Australia’s most notable actresses, it’s no surprise Claudia Karvan nailed somewhat unlikable mother Judy Vickers in this adaption of Puberty Blues. Claudia’s IMDB credits read like a back catalogue of Australia’s most memorable productions, and most recently she could be spotted as Angie Davis on Stan Original hit series Bump.

Puberty Blues Ashleigh cummings
Ashleigh Cummings (Credit: ARE Media Archive/ Instagram)

Ashleigh Cummings (Debbie Vickers)

High-spirited Debbie was played by actress Ashleigh Cummings. Think she looks familiar? It may be because she also portrayed Robyn in cult favourite Tomorrow, When The War Began. Her most recent projects include roles in Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears and supernatural horror drama NOS4A2.

Puberty Blues Brenna Harding
Brenna Harding (Credit: ARE Media Archive/ Instagram)

Brenna Harding (Sue Knight)

Debbie’s best friend Sue Knight was another of the show’s main teen protagonists, with the character embodied by Brenna Harding. Since Puberty Blues, Brenna nabbed roles in A Place to Call Home, Secret City and Black Mirror.

Puberty Blues Jeremy Lindsay Taylor
Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Credit: ARE Media Archive/ Getty)

Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Martin Vickers)

Shooting to fame in his youth on Heartbreak High before a slew of credits in McLeod’s Daughters, Stingers, Sea Patrol and Underbelly: Razor, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor had already made a name for himself in some of the country’s most high-profile dramas before taking on the role of Martin Vickers in Puberty Blues. His acting career has continued to go from strength to strength, with the actor recently featuring in The Dry, starring Eric Bana.

Puberty Blues Ed Oxenbould
Ed Oxenbould (Credit: ARE Media Archive/ Getty)

Ed Oxenbould (David Vickers)

Playing Sue’s pesky little brother David Vickers, Ed Oxenbould was one of the cast’s youngest members. In 2021, the cheeky actor, now 20, caused a storm on TikTok after he teased a season three of Puberty Blues after the series dropped on Netflix. It won’t be long before Ed is seen back on screens; the actor has just been announced as part of the cast of new eight-part drama Irreverent.

WATCH: Puberty Blues star Ed Oxenbould teases season three

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Puberty Blues Sean Keenan
Sean Keenan (Credit: ARE Media Archive/ Getty)

Sean Keenan (Gary Hennessey)

Puberty Blues fans lusted over Sean Keenan as Gary Hennessey, the surfer love interest of Debbie (Ashleigh Cummings). Headed back to his surfer days, Sean has just wrapped filming  on a new ABC series called Barons which follows the “hedonistic world of surfing and the cutthroat culture of entrepreneurship” in the 1970s. The show is due for release in 2022.

Puberty Blues Rodger Corser
Rodger Corser (Credit: ARE Media Archive/ Channel Nine)

Rodger Corser (Ferris Hennessey)

If you’ve switched on a Australian TV show and Rodger Corser isn’t in it, are you really watching a homegrown hit? Acclaimed actor Rodger has appeared in everything from Water Rats and The Beautiful Lie to Underbelly and Rush. In Puberty Blues Rodger turned heads as cheating husband and aggressive father Ferris Hennessey and since went on to garner adoration in the lead role of Doctor Doctor which ran for five seasons before ending its tenure in 2021.

Puberty Blues Susie Porter
Susie Porter (Credit: ARE Media Archive/ Foxtel)

Susie Porter (Pam Knight)

The cast of Aussie all stars continued in Puberty Blues with the revered Susie Porter playing the part of carefree mum Pam Parker. With an impressive career spanning several decades, the actress continues to thrive and notably has been playing Marie Winter in iconic prison series Wentworth since 2018 and will reunite with Puberty Blues co-star Ed Oxenbould on Irreverent.

In 2022, the actress faced off against Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron in Stan Original Gold and while promoting the movie told us she’d love to reprise her role as Pam.

“I really loved Pam from Puberty Blues. That was a great character to play,” she said.  “That was great that they showed that on Netflix and there was a whole new lot of fans. A lot of people come up to me and go, ‘Oh I love that show’. So that was pretty cool. I love things like that, that once they’re player on the streaming sites, they come to life again.”

Puberty Blues Dan Wyllie
Dan Wyllie (Credit: ARE Media Archive/ Instagram)

Dan Wyllie (Roger Knight)

Aussie TV fans would recognise Dan Wyllie from hits such as  Love My Way, Tangle and Offspring over the years and in Puberty Blues he shone as graphic designer Roger Knight, husband to Pam and dad to Sue. In 2021 his latest project Wakefield, where he played a character in a mental health facility, was released by the ABC.

Puberty Blues Charlotte Best
Charlotte Best (Credit: ARE Media Archive/ Getty)

Charlotte Best (Cheryl Hayes)

Before her turn as Cheryl Hayes, Charlotte Best was better known to Aussie audience for much more sheltered character Annie Campbell on Home and Away. Since Puberty Blues wrapped, the actress has gone on to score roles in Netflix’s Tidelands alongside Elsa Pataky and was most recently seen in Fires, an ABC miniseries about the harrowing 2019/20 Australian bushfires.

Isabelle Cornish
Isabelle Cornish (Credit: Are Media archive/ Channel Seven)

Isabelle Cornish (Vicki)

Vicki’s outrageous antics and drama in the coming-of-age series made the actress behind her, Isabelle Cornish, one to watch. Pushing herself to her absolute limits, Isabelle recently took on the gruelling SAS Australia course in season two where she faced tough physical and mental challenges and opened up about her battles with mental health and an eating disorder.

Puberty Blues Simon Lyndon
Simon Lyndon (Credit: ARE Media Archive/ Stan)

Simon Lyndon (Gumby)

Chopper star Simon Lyndon has a recurring role as surf teacher Gumby Richards in Puberty Blues. Most recently, the actor was spotted in Stan’s eight-part Aussie series, Eden, which followed the mysterious disappearance of a young woman after a drug-fuelled night out.

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