Priscilla Presley’s new choice of lover will shock you

He's a world away from her usual type.

She’s the ex-wife of the late Elvis Presley and was rumoured to be dating crooner Tom Jones last year, but Priscilla Presley’s new man is a world a way from the superstar studs she’s usually drawn to.

Globe reports that Priscilla’s new lover is a much younger, trailer park DJ who lives in a seniors-only trailer park in California.

Matthias Ganic, 58, described as a “beefy, long-haired six-footer, who resembles romance novel cover boy Fabio gone to pot” by the publication says sparks flew between himself and the 72 year old star when he bumped into her at a celebrity bash at Rio Vista Universal studios last month.

“When she walked by me we locked eyes and she gave me a little smirk,” says Matthias, who is also a car salesman.

(Credit: Globe)

“I had to get a photo with her…and she agreed. She never takes photos with anyone! And I was the only one. I grabbed her waist tight and gave her a kiss.

Describing the mature beauty, besotted Matthias continued:

“I’m six feet tall and she is so tiny and delicate.

‘Sure, she’s had some work done. But her skin is like porcelain. She looks amazing.”

The love-struck Romeo went on to confess that the pair have even started writing to each other.

“We emailed,” he spills.

“I wrote to her and she responded. I even offered my services to her,” says Matthias, who is also an amateur mixed martial arts fighter.

“If she was ever going anywhere and needed someone there with her as protection, I would do it.

“She seemed very open to it.”

However, if Priscilla is hoping Matthias will be her knight in shining armor following her failed romance with Tom Jones, she’ll have to be careful.

According to Globe, the trailer park lothario is recently divorced, has had run-ins with the law and was summoned to court by his ex after failing to pay child support for their daughter.

Watch out Priscilla!

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