“It was a no-brainer!” Penny McNamee returns to Home & Away

She's heading back to the Bay for a very special reason.
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Wild horses couldn’t have kept Penny McNamee from returning to Summer Bay to witness Home and Away’s wedding of the decade!

This week, Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) are finally getting hitched. Penny played Justin’s sister Tori Morgan on the long-running drama, and tells us she immediately said yes to coming back for her two-episode stint.

WATCH: Behind the scenes of Home and Away’s wedding

“It was a no-brainer,” confesses Penny, adding that she was “thrilled” producers asked her back.

“Tori and Justin were always close and we shared many scenes together during the six years I was on the show,” Penny says.

“I thought it would be weird if she wasn’t at his wedding – and I think it’s wonderful for the fans to see them together again.”

Actress Penny McNamee standing outdoors in a sunny, garden environment, wearing a light lime green top and cream pants.
Penny jumped at the chance to reprise her role on the hit show. (Credit: Kristina Soljo)

Penny, 41, left Home and Away in 2021 when her character moved to London. She likened being back on set to “attending a high school reunion.

“It was so much fun to catch up with everyone – and revisit Tori, too. Playing her again felt really comfortable.”

Since leaving, Penny has written some episodes of Home and Away.

Penny McNamee on the set of Home and Away, at the wedding of the characters played by James Stewart and Ada Nicodemou, who are both wearing wedding whites.
Being back on-set with James and Ada was a joy for Penny. (Credit: Channel Seven)

She also has a book for teens, Stage Stars, coming out in July, and will lead a revival of The Odd Couple alongside Shane Jacobson, Todd McKenney and her good friend Lucy Durack.

“I’ve been really busy,” she says, “but I’m so glad I could make time to head back to the Bay!”

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