Paris Hilton’s shock new look: You might not recognise her

What a transformation!

There’s no denying Paris Hilton is one of the most iconic blondes in the history of pop-culture.

She’s known for rocking velour tracksuits, coining the phrase “that’s hot” and her luscious platinum locks.

But the star has just reinvented her look with a fresh hue and to be honest we hardly recognize her!

This was Paris earlier in the year, showing off her long blonde strands in all their glory:

(Credit: Getty)

And here she is now, making her hair transformation reveal:


While the 36-year-old’s strands are a stunning charcoal brunette shade now, she’s also opted for sweeping bangs to totally overhaul her image.

From Malibu Barbie to bohemian babe, welcome to the dark side Paris!

A version of this article originally appeared on InStyle.

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