Olivia Newton-John’s shock move.

She's excited about the new era.
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Olivia Newton-John has made the unexpected decision to move her cancer charity, the ONJ Foundation, from Australia to the USA, sparking whispers that the British-born star is cutting all ties with her adopted homeland.

WATCH: Olivia Newton-John opens up about her battle with cancer

ONJ’s move to locally deregister the organisation came as a surprise, given that she only launched it in Australia just two months earlier.

The 72-year-old, who is currently battling breast cancer, confirmed the decision on social media, saying she was “excited” about the new era.

Meanwhile, a press release explained the move was being made primarily for tax-concession purposes.

Is the Aussie icon packing her bags? (Credit: Getty)

Most of the foundation’s donors are US residents, and, according to the statement, “Olivia is keen to make sure these donors receive maximum tax benefits and support.”

Earlier in the year, during a video for the ONJ foundation, the Australian star opened up about her cancer journey.

“I am probably one of those people who is living beyond cancer, living beyond probably what people expected to happen,” she explained. 

“I knew immediately something was wrong.”

ONJ and John Easterling
As a plant medicine researcher, Olivia’s husband (John Easterling – left) grows medicinal cannabis at the couple’s Californian home. (Credit: Instagram)

“I had a mammogram. The mammogram was benign and I had a needle biopsy that was also benign,” she added. “I don’t say this to scare women, but you have to just trust your instincts.”

The Grease star, whose daughter Chloe Lattanzi starred on Dancing With The Stars this year, then revealed she immediately booked an appointment with her doctor and agreed to get a surgical biopsy. She later found out that it was breast cancer.

“All this was overwhelming. It was a feeling of dread, terror, the unknown,” Olivia confessed.

ONJ Foundation video
Earlier in the year, ONJ opened up about her cancer battle during a video for her cancer foundation. (Credit: ONJ Foundation)

“I made the decision that I would be okay. I had to believe I was going to be okay, that my daughter was the most important thing in my life and I would be okay for her.”

The Xanadu actress has admitted that she has tried many different therapies over the course of the years, but none have proven more effective than medicinal cannabis.  

“I have seen the incredible beauty of the plants and their healing abilities. If I hadn’t had that experience, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you about kinder therapies… your body wants to heal itself. That’s why I’m excited to start this foundation.”

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