US report: ‘O.J Simpson swears – I’ll decapitate Kim’

This is absolutely horrifying.

Scorned O.J Simpson has vowed to exact revenge on Kim Kardashian by ‘decapitating’ her, an outrageous report from US publication National Enquirer bizarrely claims.

The tabloid sensationally alleges that Simpson’s ex cellmate, Vernon Nelson said that the former NFL star vowed to behead Kim because she has spent years trashing him in magazine and TV interviews.

Simpson is alleged to have blabbed to other cellmates about his plan to get his revenge on the daughter of his former lawyer, Robert Kardashian, who helped him escape jail for the 1995 murder of his ex wife, Nicole and her alleged lover, Ron Goldman. He is said to be furious that she allegedly spoke negatively about him.

‘Vernon, if Kim doesn’t keep my name out of her f*****g mouth, I’m going to behead her, her husband Kanye and her children like ISIS does in their decapitation videos,’ is what the publication claims Vernon told them.

‘I’ll make her mother, Kris watch.’

‘I will behead that b**** and her children live on the internet in front of her Facebook and Instagram followers.’

O.J Simpson has yet to respond to the National Enquirer’s outrageous allegations.  


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