Nigella Lawson’s surprising career change

Her fascinating life before becoming one of England’s most recognisable cooks.
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Nigella Lawson has impressed even the most dedicated MKR fans last night as she starred in her first episode alongside Manu Feildel. 

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The British cook was praised by viewers for how she handled Alice and Peter’s heartbreaking mistakes in the kitchen, giving authentic and friendly advice. 

She even took to Twitter following the show to explain that her “heart went out to Peter and Alice. It’s so much harder than people think. But it was a great start to the show, and I’m still thinking blissfully of those lamb cutlets!”

Nigella Lawson
Nigella has joined Manu on the new season of MKR. (Credit: Seven)

“Replacing Paleo Pete with Nigella is genius! Should’ve done it years ago!” wrote one excited fan. 

Another viewer agreed, sharing that they enjoyed seeing a “funnier and cheekier” side to the celebrity chef. 

Before joining the cast of My Kitchen Rules this season, Nigella was a recognised British personality, starring in a number of cooking shows. 

However, with no formal cooking background, Nigella has made it no secret that she does not see herself as a “celebrity chef” or cooking expert. 

Nigella Lawson
Fans are surprised to learn that Nigella has no formal cooking training. (Credit: Getty)

In recent years, fans have been surprised to learn that Nigella Lawson is an Oxford graduate, who studied Medieval and modern languages. 

“Just discovered @Nigella_Lawson has an MA in Medieval Languages from Oxford. Talk Latin and feed me chocolate, oh Queen!” shared one cheeky fan.

“Nigella Lawson has an Oxford degree in Medieval and Modern Languages? Like she can’t be any more of an absolute BABE,” wrote another. 

“Wow @Nigella_Lawson with an Oxford degree in Medieval & modern languages, is there anything this woman can’t do?!” 

After graduating from Oxford, Nigella originally worked in publishing and journalism before becoming a restaurant critic in 1985. 

Nigella Lawson
Many fans are impressed with the home cook’s Oxford background. (Credit: Seven)

Fans of the celebrated ‘home’ chef have also revealed their disbelief in her age. 

The 62-year-old has surprised fans in recent years, with many mistakenly believing she is much younger. 

“I’m sorry but HOW is Nigella Lawson 62?” questioned one fan, whilst another declared that they “refuse to accept this.”

“I know you shouldn’t believe everything you read but come on….no way in the world @Nigella_Lawson is 62 years old!! Love to know her secret!!  I’ve been bought her latest book for Mothers Day so hopefully I can cook and eat my way to looking half as good as she does,” wrote another impressed fan. 

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Audiences were disappointed to learn late last week that Nigella Lawson would “only appear in half of the episodes” of MKR

The once-juggernaut show returned on Sunday, August 7 for the first time in two years, and trailers have prominently featured Nigella Lawson and (to a lesser extent) Manu Feildel as judges. 

However, The Australian has now reported that Nigella “will appear only for the first round of the show.”

The news came a week before the show premiered, with the report also revealing that Chef Matt Preston will replace her as a judge during the second round. 

Colin Fassnidge and Curtis Stone will also reportedly step in for the show’s finals.

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