Nicole’s anguish: Fears for son Connor

The actress' adopted son is being targeted!

Nicole Kidman is on a mission to save her son, Connor Cruise, who is said to be in lockdown in a Scientology compound in Florida.

A former church insider has revealed to New Idea Connor has been moved into the luxury Sandcastle hotel in a bid by leaders to groom him to follow in dad Tom’s devout footsteps.

‘He’s going to be the golden boy of Scientology,’ reveals ex-Scientologist Katrina Reyes – now an outspoken critic of the church – whose mother Yelena is manager of the Sandcastle and the Osceola Inn in Clearwater.


Connor Cruise
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‘The only reason I’ve ever seen it happen before with someone like Connor, is that he did something he wasn’t supposed to do, so they now want him under control.’

In mid-August it was reported Connor, 23, had moved from a house he was sharing with friends into the luxury property where select VIP members live and study.

Katrina says Connor is likely being subjected to various courses and auditing, plus a regimen of vitamins and juices.

‘I don’t think Connor has an independent life, but [he] will have bodyguards; security who will be with him 24/7 and control his every single move,’ adds Katrina, who left the religion three years ago.

Meanwhile, in Nashville, his estranged mum Nicole Kidman is fearing the worst.

‘Nicole is tearing her hair out with worry,’ says a close friend.

‘She is incredibly concerned Connor is being punished for his wild partying and committing crimes in the church’s eyes.’

As another part of his new life, Connor’s had to ditch most of his non-church friends, including his manager Josh Donaldson.

Having seemingly abandoned DJ-ing, Connor now works as a deep sea deckhand. He can’t drink alcohol or go to nightclubs as part of a new policy set by church leader David Miscavige.

Nicole and Connor, 2004
Nicole and Connor, 2004 (Credit: Getty)

‘He is the son of Tom Cruise, the face of Scientology. Maybe other celeb kids could get away with it, but they don’t have as many eyes on them,’ Katrina says.

While New Idea has learnt that Nicole wants to remove Connor from the regime, she’s considered a ‘suppressive person’ by the church since divorcing Tom in 2001. In 2012, former Scientologist Marty Rathbun claimed the church had worked to alienate Nicole from Connor and his sister Isabella by indoctrinating them against her.

‘Nicole knows how they work and is worried Connor won’t be able to cope with all the strict Scientology sanctions and rules – she’s very concerned,’ the source continues. ‘Nicole doesn’t want Scientology to dig its claws into Connor any deeper. She doesn’t want him to follow in Tom’s footsteps. She plans to do everything in her power to rescue him.’

The church is also thought to be targeting London-based Isabella, 25, who strengthened her ties with Scientology in the past year, most notably by attending two balls with husband Max Parker. She’s dropped old friends and her T-shirt label has been put on the backburner.

Katrina explains the church is using them to encourage other members to behave. ‘They never used to put much pressure on the Scientology kids, but they need to make money, so second and third generation members are getting the flak.

‘It’s a huge thing [to say] “Tom Cruise’s kid is dedicated 100 per cent, so you need to get your kids to raise their game”.’

If Tom Cruise’s kids can do it, then there’s no excuse.’

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