Nicole’s tears over divorce confession

"One of the hardest things is just watching them."
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Next year might mark the 20th anniversary of her divorce from Tom Cruise, but the failure of her first marriage is still a sensitive subject for Nicole Kidman.

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A source tells New Idea that Nicole’s sister Antonia’s recent comments about children needing to be prioritised during marital break-ups “struck close to the bone”, given the limited relationship Nicole has with Isabella and Connor – the two kids she and Tom adopted.

“Nicole was devastated by the split and it was so painful to have her kids be so distant for many, many years,” says the source.

Tom and Nicole in the early days of their relationship. (Credit: Getty)

Nicole’s 2001 split from devout Scientologist Tom caused her to be branded a “Suppressive Person” by the church, who in turn urged Bella, 27, and Connor, 25, to cut her out of their lives.

But former TV presenter turned family lawyer Antonia, 50, appeared to have forgotten that during her recent chat with Studio 10.

“It’s a matter of … keeping those little people at the forefront of the process and their interests a priority,” Antonia said.

She added that a child’s wellbeing depends on how well their parents are handling the separation.

Isabella and Connor have little to do with their famous mother. (Credit: Getty)

Antonia split from first husband Angus Hawley in 2007, after 11 years of marriage. They shared kids Lucia, 22, Hamish, 19, James, 17, and Sybella, 13.

Angus died in 2015.

Antonia married Craig Marran in 2010. They have sons Nicholas, 9, and Alexander, 7.

Antonia (pictured) with her late first husband, Angus. (Credit: Getty)

Meanwhile, Nicole, 53, recently told Glamour magazine that her two youngest children, Sunday, 12, and Faith, 9, have struggled with isolation during the pandemic.

“One of the hardest things is just watching them pine and yearn for their friends,” she said.

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