US report: Nicole Kidman’s ‘$1 million plastic surgery overhaul’

The shock photos that show how much she's changed

She’s always maintained that she’s not into plastic surgery, but according to the National Enquirer today, Nicole Kidman might be keeping a few cosmetic secrets that help to explain her changing appearance and enduring beauty.

Nicole at the start of her movie career in BMX Bandits. (Credit: Getty Images)
My, she has changed! (Credit: Getty Images)

The magazine spoke to “plastic surgeon to the stars” Dr. Leslie Stevens, who estimated that Nicole has undergone an entire cosmetic make-over totalling an outrageous $US1 million!

“Nicole’s had corrective surgery on her ‘gummy’ smile, fixed her crooked teeth and I believe she had braces and possibly veneers for a balanced smile,” Dr Stevens – who has not treated Nicole – alleged to the US publication.

And despite advocating the benefits of staying out of the sun as the secret to her youthful complexion, Dr Stevens claimed the Big Little Lies star has most likely had a facelift.


“When she was younger, articles mentioned Nicole had ‘oddly shaped’ breasts.


“It’s likely she had breast augmentation to correct them.”

And that’s not all!

According to the National Enquirer, Dr Stevens also reckons she’s had fillers, Botox, a nose job, an eye lift, laser resurfacing facials and lip fillers.


Nicole, who has in the past denied having plastic surgery, has yet to respond to the Enquirer‘s outrageous allegations. 


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