Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban: ‘It’s all over!

Inside the couple's crumbling relationship.
nicole and kieth

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban haven’t been seen in public together since their loved-up appearance at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in LA last January.

And now, an explosive report from the US reveals that the star couple are on the brink of divorce, following a last ditch attempt to save their 11-year relationship at a top-secret ‘marriage boot camp’.

According to In Touch, the couple recently attended Marriage Quest – a three-day private counselling retreat in the small US town of Cabot, Vermont – in a desperate attempt to work through their problems in what sources describe as ‘an extremely emotional and testing few days’.

However, friends reveal that there are just ‘too many obstacles’ for the Big Little Lies actress and country singer to battle, and the boot camp turned into ‘therapy hell’.

nicole kidman keith urban
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‘They have been putting a bandaid over their problems for too long,’ spills an insider. ‘While they have smiles plastered on their faces in public, in private, things have been falling apart.’

And insiders say that while a split may come as a shock to the unsuspecting public, Nicole and Keith’s relationship is hanging on by a thread and none of those close to them would be surprised by a split.

Hopefully the couple will be back on track soon.

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