Nicole Kidman IVF shock at 51

After years of longing for another child, the Aussie star gets her wish.

Nicole Kidman has always wanted more kids, and In Touch reports the Australian actress has got what she’s been waiting for. 

“I wish I’d had more children,” the mother of two adopted and two biological children confessed last year when asked about her fertility problems. 

“I would have liked probably two or three more children.” 

Nicole Kidman
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Now, In Touch claims Kidman’s dream has come true!

A source told the US publication, “Friends say she and Keith Urban are having another baby,” noting the couple’s difficult period in their 12-year marriage.

“Nicole has been undergoing IVF treatments,” the insider adds. “Her friends think she’s just waiting for the right time to announce it.” 

The happy news comes after a rocky period of the couple. 

The pair faced a shock cheating scandal, as Keith was spotted with an unidentified woman in New Jersey who he claimed was his “sister.” 

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According to In Touch, Kidman is calling the new bub her “miracle baby.” 

“She’s called it her family’s little miracle,” the insider dished. “Their girls are super excited about getting a little sibling,” they add, noting Sunday, 10 and Faith, 7. 

A new baby is also a fresh start for the couple, In Touch claims. 

“Nicole wants to put the bad memories behind her. She and Keith are ready to move on,” says a friend. 

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