You won’t believe what Nick Cummins got paid for The Bachelor

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Last year, Nick Cummins took over the most-controversial Bachelor top spot from Blake Garvey, after he failed to pick a winner in season six of The Bachelor Australia


Although he took Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman through to the final two, and whisked them away to meet his family in a tropical location, the ex-rugby player famously failed to pick a favourite and walked away from the show a single man.

Turns out that’s not all he left with, after ex Bachelor contestant Brooke Blurton opened up about his huge pay cheque in a recent interview. 

The 24-year-old spoke on the Shameless podcast about her time on the show, and she spilled how much Nick was actually paid to appear on The Bachelor – and it’ll make your eyes water. 

Brooke revealed that the rugby star was paid considerably more than the $250,000 he was rumoured to have earned.

“I think it was a bit more, I think it was half mill maybe,” she told the podcast’s hosts Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews.

If her claims are correct, Nick would have been the highest paid Bachelor star so far. 

Sophie Monk reportedly earned $300,000, according to the Courier Mail, for her time on the show, while Matty J was said to have made $200,000. 

The new season of The Bachelor will kick off in coming months, with Channel Ten teasing viewers with multiple trailers for the show, which features Matthew Agnew as the latest Bachelor. 

Show producers have returned to the original proposition of using an ‘unknown’ as the Bachelor, rather than someone who already has following. 

Matt, 31, could be the geekiest yet, as he’s a PHD candidate Astrophysicist (a scientist who specialises in studying space, stars, planets and the universe) – which has brought mixed reactions from the Bachelor ladies so far. 


Contestant Abbie, 23, wowed Matt with her first meeting, declaring she was a Gemini after he told her he was an astrophysicist… 

While other girls also struggled to understand what it actually is. 

“It sounds like a fake job,” another girl interjects in the latest promo. “Like, ‘my boyfriend’s an astrophysicist!’”

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