What do MKR’s Colin & Manu really think of each other?

It's the battle of the chefs.
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Listening to My Kitchen Rules judges Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge banter is like watching two tennis pros volleying back and forth.

WATCH: Manu pays tribute to Jock Zonfrillo. Article continues after video.

Their ribbing comes so fast and quick, we’ve got whiplash from swivelling our heads trying to keep up with which barb is being fired out of whose mouth!

It’s a rather apt observation, given we’ve wrangled the pair for a fun tennis-themed shoot to go alongside our chat marking My Kitchen Rules’ return. There’s a lot on the menu to discuss, including their mutual crush on guest judge Nigella Lawson…   

How is it really working together?

Manu: Horrible.

Colin: We hate it.

M: Unfortunately, we have to work together again this year. We go back to New Zealand in a few weeks…

C: They love us over there.

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

Any annoying habits you’ve learned about one another?

C: We have this campervan out the back where we shoot. Frenchie here [points to Manu] in between entree and main likes to have a little sleep. The hair and makeup team put a blanket around him, give him a pillow. He takes up the entire bed at the back. I have to sit at the table in the van, like a kid.

What about Colin?

M: He thinks I’m grumpy, I’m French, I’m not grumpy. (SHOUTING) I’M NOT GRUMPY, OK?

C: In the morning if he hasn’t had his coffee, he’s grumpy.

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

Is Nigella jealous she’s missing out on all this fun?

M: She’s a horrible woman.

C: She’s terrible.

M: I met her last year for the first time, I was in awe, she’s gorgeous. I loved working with her. It was Colin’s first time this year. Nigella’s doing her critique and Colin’s dribbling…

C: I’ve had a crush on Nigella all along. They say, “don’t meet your heroes you might get disappointed”, but she’s a legend. They said, “you can’t be Colin when you meet Nigella.”

M: You’ve got to be proper, she’s a lady.

C: After two days, Nigella’s like, “you’re exactly like me!” She’s great!

(Credit: Phillip Castleton)

Who’s the better cook?

(Manu shoots hand up)

C: We’re different.

M: We complement each other and judge the same way because we have the same knowledge.

Would either of you consider doing any other reality shows?

M: We’d love to do a cooking show, travelling around in a van…

That’s just been done!

M: By who?

Adam Liaw and Poh Ling Yeow…

WATCH: Colin pranks his daughter. Article continues after video.

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M: I’m talking about Manu and Colin for goodness’ sake!

C: Their show would be factual. Our show would just be funny.

M: Beer, booze and food. Boys’ weekend style.

Lastly, what do your families think of your fame?

M: They don’t care. It’s a job.

C: Quite embarrassing, I was told by my daughters. I got emotional in an episode and my daughter said, “oh cringe! My friends are going to see this!”

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