MKR villains Josh and Amy’s baby news

The married couple open up about starting a family
Channel Seven

Theyre the most controversial team on this years season of MKR with their constant bickering and slamming of other contestants.

But between the arguments and blow ups, it seems married couple Josh and Amy have been cooking something else upa family!

‘Certainly in the next five years we plan to start a family,’ Amy tells New Idea.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Josh adds: ‘For some reason I’ve got the age 34 in my head. It’s also financially that I want to be set up. But if we were to fall pregnant now that would be good too, I really want to be a dad.

‘I feel that’s why we’re here on earth and I can’t wait to have a child with Amy.’

Amy too admits ‘I always wanted to be a mum’.

‘I think we still want to tick a few more things off our bucket lists but when we’re in our 30s I’d love to have kids,’ she says.

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