MKR shock as Court blows up at Manu

"I'm f***ing sick of it"
Channel Seven

After failing to impress with their ultimate instant restaurant, ‘married hipsters’ Court and Duncan found themselves at the bottom of the MKR leader board.

But it seems that the couple may be taking their disappointment out on the judges – with Court lashing out at Manu in a fiery rant on Wednesday night’s episode and threatening to quit the show.

“I’m not going to do this to be honest,” she began, after being asked by the French chef to give her verdict on the main dish. 

“It’s not easy for us right now to be here and I’m pretty f***ing sick of it, personally.”

But after the recovering vegan’s behaviour became “aggressive,” Manu took the pair aside for some choice words.

“I’m really not enjoying what is happening right now, to be honest with you,” he said.

“My issue is that I’m upset about the disrespect at the table,” Court hit back, referring to her co-stars who had earlier expressed their frustration about the lengthy wait for their food to arrive. 

“I don’t hang out with people like this,” she added.

(Credit: Channel 7)

Attempting to diffuse the increasingly tense situation, Manu explained that he and fellow judge Pete Evans weren’t there to take sides and simply wanted to help each team improve on their kitchen prowess.

“Obviously I understand that your score wasn’t the score that you wanted, but I personally felt uncomfortable at this table the whole night,” he said.

“If you’ve got an issue, it needs to be fixed.”

(Credit: Channel 7)

Court then apologised to the chef, before admitting that she was “struggling” to keep her cool in the face of the competition.

Adding that he felt “guilty,” Duncan comforted his wife with a kiss before prompting her to return to the dinner party with her head held high.

But fans had already taken to Twitter to weigh in on Court’s poor reaction to the criticism, with some even comparing her “attitude problem” to that of the show’s most controversial contestant, Josh.

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