MKR: Josh’s offscreen meltdown – Why he’s now in hiding

They're MKR's most talked about couple
Lawrence Furzey

My Kitchen Rules couple Josh and Amy have been thrown into an unprecedented crisis as the reality of their troubled relationship blew up in front of TV viewers.


Amid reports today that the couple have gone into hiding following a huge backlash over Joshs onscreen behaviour, it has been confirmed that they are no longer giving interviews, having gone to ground.


Rival contestant Della says that Josh must be struggling with seeing his behaviour as others do, after watching himself go off and be repeatedly vile to his partner on television.


Things have really bubbled over this week, with Josh and Amy butting heads on screen, with the petite brunette forced to tell him, ‘Stop yelling at me or I’m going to walk off and telling him to ‘get out of my sight.’ 


With Josh no longer talking, New Idea has the only interview with the controversial star, which gives insight into his state of mind. In this weeks issue, he exclusively tells us just how toxic things have been getting – admitting beloved judges Pete and Manu were forced to 
pull him aside after one 
tense exchange with his partner, warning him to back off for the sake of his marriage.


‘There were a few blow-ups in front of
the cameras on a few different occasions, and looking back at it, it won’t look pretty on TV,’ Josh tells New Idea – out now. ‘We had our ups and downs… it was a big challenge.


‘Even Pete and Manu had a chat with me at one stage and said: “You have to realise the show is a small part of your life, but you have a whole marriage together.”’


Rival contestant Ros says it was difficult to watch Josh speak harshly to Amy, 26, and was glad that Pete and Manu stepped in.


‘It wasn’t nice to see her really, really upset by him and
 a couple of things that he said were not OK,’ she tells New Idea.


‘There were a few incidents that happened and it got to the point where it was concerning. On one occasion, both Pete and Manu pulled them aside and gave them a fairly serious talking-to.


For the full story on Josh, see this weeks issue of New Idea.

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