Miley and Cody are fake, according to body language expert

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Thought Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson were the real deal? Don’t be fooled! 

WATCH: Miley Cyrus dances in her underwear with boyfriend Cody Simpson 

According to a body language expert, the social-media savvy couple are faking it, big time. 

And their relationship, which has been playing out for all to see on Instagram, is as dodgy as a $9 note. 

miley cody
Miley and Cody are faking it, according to an expert (Credit: Instagram )

Speaking to WHO, body language expert Blanca Clobb said Cody is “enjoying the moment” and Miley is proving she “doesn’t care about comments or criticism”.

She added that many of the couple’s photos were just for “shock value” rather than showing their relationship as a great romance. 

miley cody
Miley and Cody’s photos show they are crying out for attention (Credit: Instagram )

“Miley’s hand down the front of Cody’s pants is all about shock value to the world and a secret message between the two of them,” Blanca said, referring to a recent Instagram photo showing the shirtless ‘iYiYi’ singer posing while Miley’s hand was touching his crotch. 

The expert’s comments come after it was reported that Miley has been using her relationship with Cody in an attempt to make her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, jealous

miley cody pda
Miley and Cody’s PDAs have played out on social media (Credit: Instagram )

Multiple insiders have confirmed the pop sensation is still doing everything she can to make Liam jealous and get under his skin.

“She was drunk dialling him for a while, so now she’s resorted to social media to get his attention,” a source told Radar Online.

They added Miley is desperately trying to prove she’s moved on, however, is still struggling to cope with the breakdown of their marriage. 

miley liam
Miley and Liam called time on their relationship in August

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