The unexpected bonus Michelle Bridges got from Celebrity Apprentice, despite being fired

"I was pretty pleased when I came off the show..."
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A fitness queen, reality TV star, and mum-of-one, there’s not much Michelle Bridges can’t do.

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The 50-year-old proved that to herself and everyone watching along at home as she starred in the 2021 season of Celebrity Apprentice Australia, where she fought hard to raise as much money as she could for her charity of choice.

“That show was so much fun, it was full on and the hours were quite big,” Michelle tells New Idea.

“It really showed that under a pressure cooker situation, you could achieve a lot.”

And while her time on the show was cut short, Michelle left with her head held high as she reflects on how she carried herself throughout it all.

michelle bridges celebrity apprentice
“I was pretty pleased when I came off the show that I handled it well and came off with my dignity still intact.” (Credit: Nine)

“I was pretty pleased when I came off the show,” she says. “That I handled it well and came off with my dignity still intact.”

While on Celebrity Apprentice, Michelle represented the Women’s Community Shelters – a charity to help women and children affected by domestic and family violence and homelessness.

“Plus, I was introduced to some really fascinating charities that the other contestants were passionate about,” she says.

“That’s something really important to me and has given me more drive to support them.”

celebrity apprentice 2021
Michelle is working to help women who need it most. (Credit: Nine)

Not only that, but working with the charity inspired Michelle to become the official ambassador for a collaborative drive between Always Discreet and Share the Dignity.

The collaborative effort aims to provide women in poverty with basic hygienic products, especially when they experience bladder leaks.

“As a mum it breaks my heart – and these women could be homeless due to violence or domestic violence, but then they have other issues on top of that – from worrying about their safety to buying basic hygiene products,” Michelle says.

michelle bridges son axel
Michelle experienced bladder leaks when she was pregnant with son Axel. (Credit: Instagram)

The cause also hits close to home for Michelle, who also experienced the problem herself when she was pregnant with her first child, Axel.

“I’ve had a child, and I can relate to certain situations that they encounter – when I was eight and a half months pregnant I experienced it too.”

She continued: “Many women are open and free and chat about all sorts of issues, but others are a bit closed and may not want to discuss things that are quite personal.

“But we can break down those barriers and have a laugh and lighten the situation – I’ve been with many women where we have done that.”

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