Everything you need to know about Melissa George

We take a look at the actress' career highlights.

Who is Melissa George and why is she famous?

Hollywood loves an Aussie and former soap star Melissa George has been a long-time favourite. George has had a long career of varied films and TV shows and the Aussie beauty has built a legion of fans who have enjoyed her metamorphosis from soap star to horror queen and more.

What movies and TV shows has Melissa George appeared in?

Born August 6, 1976, Melissa Suzanne George first captured our attention when she was cast on the Australian soap opera Home and Away as Angel Parrish opposite screen husband Shane Parrish, who was portrayed by actor Dieter Brummer. The couple, who got off to a bumpy start when Shane discovered Angel had a baby at 14, were much loved by TV audiences.

After leaving Home and Away in 1996 George headed to Hollywood making her big-screen debut in 1998 in neo-noir/science fiction film Dark City. She has been on a steady tangent since then. If you want to know what movies Melissa George has been in, start out with The Limey, David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, Sugar & Spice, and Down with Love.

George’s first substantial film role was the part of Kathy Luz for the remake of The Amityville Horror. For a while there she became a thriller and horror mainstay, appearing in films such as Derailed, Turistas, WΔZ, 30 Days of Night, Triangle, A Lonely Place to Die, and Felony. George shares a name with the wife of professional actor turned wrestler Marty Wright whose fight name is ironically “The Boogeyman”

Melissa George
Melissa George (Credit: Getty)

As well as her films, this Aussie beauty has landed some great television gigs. Pivotal to her career have been her recurring roles on Alias, Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife, and as one of the leads on the NBC medical drama Heartbeat. With primetime television shows under her belt, it’s kind of hard to forget a face as gorgeous as Melissa George’s.

You may also remember George appearing on Friends, as Ross and Rachel’s daughter’s hot nanny, Holly. She also received a Golden Globe nomination for her character Laura Hill on HBO’s In Treatment.

In Australia, she starred in the miniseries The Slap in 2011, for which she also received a Logie award, and followed this up with the BBC spy series The Hunted in 2012. She reprised the role of Rosie in the American adaptation of The Slap in 2015.

She currently plays Diane Hagerty on Hulu’s The First. Her character lives on in the form of flashbacks as Diane and Tom Hagerty (portrayed by Sean Penn) work through their grief for George’s deceased character. We’re not about to spoil any more deets, don’t worry. The First is also Sean Penn’s first ever television show.

Melissa George & Sean Penn
Melissa George and Sean Penn (Credit: Getty)

What are Melissa George’s physical stats?

With her glossy hair, tanned skin and toned bod, George is also renowned for her incredible good looks and viewers have seen a lot of her body over the years. Whether it is medical dramas or thrillers, a nude scene is often on the cards.

How old is Melissa George?

Born on August 6, 1976, Melissa is currently 42 years of age.

How tall is Melissa George?

Melissa George’s height is 5’7 inches.

How much does Melissa George weigh?

The Aussie bombshell’s weight is 56kg.

Has Melissa George ever posed nude or topless?

George has been nude or semi naked in a number of TV and film roles including her latest role in The First. She has also paraded her perfect body measurements for publications such as Black + White magazine, Playboy and FHM Australia.

Has Melissa George ever had a leaked sex tape scandal?

Nothing concrete to report, yet what has been in the press and online is the rumour of sex tape and a leaked nude photos. We will leave that investigation well alone.

What is Melissa George’s net worth?

George is rumoured to be worth $5 million

Who are Melissa George’s parents?

Melissa’s mother and father are Pamela and Glen George. She is from a big family and is the second of four children. Did you know that George was a princess of the roller rink before the reel? Yes, George was once a national roller skating champion and model.

What’s the scoop on her marital status? Is Melissa George married? Who has Melissa George dated in the past? Has Melissa George been divorced?

Melissa George + Husband
Melissa George with Jean-David Blanc (Credit: Getty)

George’s first wedding was to Claudio Dabed in 2000 but they later divorced in 2010. She then dated hip hop icon and business mogul Russell Simmons, but that relationship was short-lived. Shortly after, she started dating Jean David Blanc, an entrepreneur, whom she met in 2011 at a BAFTA after-party. The pair split in 2016 with George citing domestic violence.

Does Melissa George have kids?

Melissa George and former partner Jean David Blanc had two children together, Raphaël Blanc and Solal Samuel Glenn Blanc.

Does Melissa George have a boyfriend?

She was spotted with a new rock on her finger at a Paris Fashion Week event earlier this year in July. Is she back on the dating scene? We have yet to find out!

And get this: a couple of months back, George described herself as being a ‘single mum’ on Instagram. She also hinted that her two sons Raphaël, four, and Solal, two, will always have ‘father figures’. See for yourself!


Is Melissa George pregnant?

Not currently confirmed.

Has Melissa George had plastic surgery?

In contrast to a lot of other Hollywood actors and actresses, George offers a fresh take on plastic surgery. She firmly believes that plastic surgery does no one any good unless you truly need it. Or unless you plan to audition for the legendary Batman character the Joker. In aninterview with OK! Magazine, she quips,

“The world has bad plastic surgery. It’s called plastic surgery. Of course, you’re not going to look good. If someone needs surgery after an accident, I’m a big supporter of that but I don’t know why everyone wants to look like the Joker!”

Does Melissa George smoke?

No, you will not catch her smoking.

Can Melissa George sing?

George is no great stakes in the singing department, but we love her for being game enough to belt out a thing or two on command. Check out this video from 2007 of George with her Alias co-stars David Anders and Bradley Cooper singing Build Me Up Buttercup for a crowd.

Is Melissa George on Instagram?

For new projects, fine selfies, and cute posts about her sons, follow her at @melissageorgeofficial for constant updates.

Is Melissa George on Twitter?

George is not on any other social media platform but Instagram.

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