How well do you know Matty J?

And his gorgeous partner Laura Byrne!

Matty J, as he is affectionately known by his fans, is one of Australia’s most popular The Bachelor contestants ever.

Matty J, whose real name is Matthew David Johnson, grew up in Bondi, Sydney. He was the middle child of five siblings, having one sister and three other brothers. His father left at a young age which led him to be single-handedly raised by his mother.

Later on, he moved to London and worked there for four years before moving back to Australia. He got a job shortly afterwards but quit three weeks in to appear in the second season of The Bachelorette Australia.

After his appearance on Channel Ten reality TV show The Bachelorette, he worked in a marketing agency and did some modelling contracts before appearing as the fifth Bachelor.

matty j
Matty J and Laura Byrne (Credit: Getty)

His season on The Bachelor wowed Australia, broke viewing and social media records. The finale was watched by over 1.48 million viewers in Australia and trended #2 worldwide on Twitter.

Throughout the course of the season, fans were thrilled with the various twists and turns as Matty J searched for his true love. He eventually narrowed down the competition to two incredible women: Laura Byrne and Elise Stacy.

Ultimately, he chose Laura over Elise, setting the stage for the next phase of their lives together.

Today, he appears in local Australian TV programs and co-hosts a radio show. He is also expecting a baby with Laura.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most frequently asked questions about Matty J:

What Is Matty J’s Real Name?

His real name is Matthew David Johnson. To his close friends, he’s known as Matty or Matt.

How Old Is Matty J?

He’s still in his prime at 32 years of age. His birthday is on the 22nd May 1986.

How Big Is Matty J’s Family?

He grew up with three brothers, a sister and his mother. Currently, he is expecting a baby with Laura Byrne.


Where Did Matty J Grow Up?

Matty J grew up in Brisbane.

Where Does Matty J Live?

Matty J currently lives in Bondi with his partner, Laura Byrne, and their dog Buster. They’re expecting to add a baby soon in their family.

How Many Siblings Does Matty J Have?

He has three brothers and a sister.

Where Did Matty J Go To High School?

It’s not exactly known where Matty J went to high school. However, Matty J supposedly went to a private school in Brisbane, after being linked to Jasmine Yarbrough in their teenage years.


How Tall Is Matty J?

He height is around 187 cm, or 6’2’’ according to his modelling profile at IMG.

Does Matty J Have A Tattoo?

He has several tattoos, although they are usually hidden. A sneak peek into his Instagram reveals that he has some tattoos on his thighs. He also has a tattoo of a rose on his right forearm.

Has Matty J Had Plastic Surgery?

Matty J admitted in an interview on KISSFM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show that he had ear correction surgery or otoplasty.


Who Did Matty J End Up With And Are They Still Together?

While Matty J didn’t end up with Georgia Love in the second season of The Bachelorette Australia, he eventually found his partner in Laura Byrne after choosing her at the end of the fifth season of The Bachelor. They’ve been together ever since and are expecting a baby very soon.

Where There Any Other Girls In The Bachelor House That Matty J Really Liked?

Matty J has admitted that back when the second season of The Bachelorette Australia was happening, he had already fallen in love with Georgia Love. However, it was not meant to be as Georgia eventually selected his fellow contestant Lee Eliot over him, devastating him.
Eventually, on his own season of The Bachelor Australia, he ended up with Laura Byrne.

An interview with runner-up Elise Stacy, however, revealed that Matty also had feelings for Elise. Yet his feelings for Laura was stronger and eventually gave her the final rose.

Is Matty J Married?

Matty J is not married. However, he has, time and time again, publicly stated his love for Laura Byrne. They have been dating ever since, and have even moved in together. The couple is expecting a baby very soon, and engagement (and a wedding) doesn’t seem too far off in the distance.


Does Matty J Have Kids?

He and Laura Byrne are expecting one soon enough. They have also shared that Laura, unfortunately, suffered a miscarriage earlier on. However, their baby seems to be perfectly healthy and are expecting to welcome him or her into the world by June or July.

Who Has Matty J Dated In The Past?

Matty J dated Sara Bray, a PR professional when he was working in London. He was also linked to DJ Milly Gattegano and model Nathalie Darcas. There’s also his rumoured connection to Jasmine Yarbrough back when he was in High School.

Is Matty J Gay?

While Matty J has a lot of gay fans everywhere, all evidence points to no. His appearance in both as the Bachelor and as a contestant in The Bachelorette, alongside his now-public history of previous partners have all but confirmed that he is heterosexual.

He has, however, confirmed his support of marriage equality over on his Instagram.

What Does Matty J Do For Work?

Matty J used to work as a marketing manager before his appearance in the second season of The Bachelorette Australia. After the season, he worked for The Projects, not the television show, but a Paddington-based marketing agency.

Today, he serves as a travel presenter for The Living Room and co-hosts a radio show. He also does some modelling stints on the side, with IMG representing him.

Is Matty J On Instagram, Twitter Or Snapchat?

Matty J is very much present on Instagram. He doesn’t have a public Twitter or Snapchat, though it is rumoured that he has a private one for his friends and family.


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