Matty J: my first night of naked passion with Bachelor winner

'That first night was very, very special'
Channel 10

With only two episodes to go until the highly anticipated Bachelor finale, viewers are waiting anxiously to find out who Matthew ‘Matty J’ Johnson gives his final rose to. 

And, it would seem that the pair have already consummated their relationship outside of the Bachie mansion.

Appearing on Hit105’s Stav, Abby and Matt with Osher on Tuesday, the 30-year-old discussed the lucky lady ahead of Thursday’s finale. 

The three ladies left battling it out are: media executive Elise Stacy, accessories designer Laura Byrne and nanny Tara Pavlovic.

While on air radio host Matty Acton asked, ‘What was it like seeing her nude for the first time?’

Matty responded, ‘That first night was really, really special and I think it was, it was nice to finally have some time without the cameras.’


Sportsbet has listed Laura as the favourite, with the frontrunner recently admitting she is ‘absolutely’ in love with Matty.

However, Elise is not far behind. The former Australian national hockey player also got people talking when she implied that she and Matty have spent time in bed. 

‘He’s not a morning person,’ she told OK Magazine. ‘He doesn’t get out of bed until 8:30am.’ 

Who will the lucky lady be?

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