Viewers slam MasterChef after shock elimination

Fans are outraged!
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MasterChef Australia‘s latest challenge has left fans outraged after one of the show’s favourite cooks was ousted from the competition in a shock elimination on Monday night.

WATCH: Tim Bone breaks down in tears after shock elimination

Viewers were left reeling after MasterChef contestant Tim Bone’s attempt to recreate chef Shannon Kellam’s signature Chocolate de Passion dessert left the judges unimpressed, and Tim out on his ear.

And now, devastated fans are calling the challenge “unfair” and “horrible”, branding it more a memory challenge and pressure test than a measure of the contestants’ cooking abilities.


MasterChef viewers took to social media to slam the Network Ten reality TV programme.

“I thought #MasterChefAU was a cooking competition, not a memory competition! Stupidest challenge MasterChef has ever introduced. Tim was robbed!” one frustrated viewer vented on Twitter.

“Horrible challenge. I really feel for Tim. I can’t even remember the start of the episode as he had to try recreate that monster of a desert. Tim, you’re an absolute legend and you’ve got the heart and drive to follow your food truck team!” another MasterChef viewer tweeted.

MasterChef Australia tweeted their own goodbye from the show’s official Twitter page, writing: “Farewell to our very own Prince of Kitchen, Tim – we will miss you.”


Prince Harry lookalike Tim, 33, who was up against Larissa, Steph and Ben in the elimination challenge, struggled with some elements of the dish, leaving the judges unhappy with the final result.  

The home cook, whose food dream is to launch his own food truck business serving gourmet toasted sandwiches, broke down in tears when he learned he was going home. 

‘Prince Harry lookalike’ Tim Bone, 33, who was up against Larissa, Steph and Ben in the cooking show elimination challenge, struggled with some elements of the dish leaving the judges unhappy with the final result.  

The amateur culinary hopeful, whose dream is to launch his own food truck business serving gourmet toasted sandwiches, broke down in tears when he learned he was going home.

“I’m just thankful for the experience. I’ll take that and get my food truck going as soon as I can,” he said. 

“I’m shattered to be eliminated. I’m not ready to go home, this has been such an amazing journey. I’m gonna miss you guys but it won’t be the end of the world, we’ll catch up for a beer soon,” Tim added while fighting back tears.

The shock elimination comes as viewers slam one of MasterChef‘s best cooks social media for ‘only cooking one dish’, WHO.com.au reports.


Sandeep Pandit – who wowed judges George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston with his flavoursome culinary skills – has been blasted by MasterChef fans for whipping up “too many Indian curries” on the reality TV show.

One viewer tweeted: “I know this is going to sound mean spirited but I want Sandeep to lose otherwise we are only encouraging his behaviour of only ever cooking one dish.”

Another upset user added: “How can you be a ”MasterChef” if you just know one type of cuisine? Shouldn’t it be diverse?”

But plenty of fans jumped to the MasterChef star’s defence, with one declaring: “For everyone complaining that @sandeep_cooks cooks too many curries, It’s an IMMUNITY PIN!!! You go with what you know best!!!!! It’s your only chance!!!”

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