MAFS bride Jules takes swipe at ex bridesmaid Mel

On the A Current Affair special televising her wedding on Tuesday, the 38-year-old addressed the public controversy.
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Married At First Sight‘s Jules Robinson had a cold response when asked about her former friend Melissa Lucarelli after dumping her as a bridesmaid for her wedding to Cameron Merchant.

WATCH: MAFS’ Jules takes swipe at Mel when asked about bridesmaid dumping

All that matters is my nearest and dearest are here right now,” the 38-year-old said when asked about the controversy in last night’s A Current Affair special. She then held up a photo of her MAFS co-star Heidi Latcham, who was a bridesmaid for her on the day.

“She’s my bridesmaid… Love that woman,” Jules said of the blonde, who she asked to be her bridesmaid on television earlier this year.

Married At First Sight Jules Robinson Melissa Lucarelli bridesmaid A Current Affair
Jules Robinson held up a photo of Heidi Latcham on her phone during the interview. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Yesterday, Melissa revealed she was still hurt by Jules’ actions in a video.

“I’ve had so many messages and people keep asking me what the story is. So yes, it is true, Jules dumped me as a bridesmaid,” a tearful Mel began. “As for why I’m honestly not sure… she kept changing her reasons and none of them made sense.” 

“It really all just came out of the blue and I didn’t see it coming at all. Of course, you’re allowed to change your mind about who you want as a bridesmaid, but I just feel like the way it was done was really cold and rather hurtful,” she continued.

WATCH: MAFS’ Melissa ’embarrassed’ after Jules dumps her as bridesmaid

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The MAFS star also confessed to feeling “humiliated” when she realised Jules and Cam were going to air their wedding on A Current Affair.

“I guess it just makes the public dumping of you as a bridesmaid for no reason that little bit more embarrassing, hurtful, confusing,” a crestfallen Mel admitted.

“I wish I was never asked to be a bridesmaid in the first place so I wasn’t in this position.”

Married At First Sight Jules Robinson Melissa Lucarelli bridesmaid A Current Affair
From best friends to enemies: Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant were close with Melissa Lucarelli prior to the scandal. (Credit: Instagram)

Following Melissa’s emotional confession, Married At First Sight‘s Tamara Joy took to social media to criticise Jules for using Melissa as a “pawn” to promote her televised wedding.

“I just want to give Mel my full support here and I just think she was used as a pawn in Jules’ game and I really just want to expose that because that’s exactly how I see it,” the 30-year-old said in a video posted to her Instagram story.

Tamara suggested Jules removed Mel as a bridesmaid to increase publicity, as the scandal made headlines weeks before Jules was set to marry Cam.

She was asked to be a bridesmaid on national television but ‘let’s dump Mel because it’d go viral and create more media attention for their real-life wedding,'” she said with an eyeroll. 

Married At First Sight Jules Robinson Melissa Lucarelli bridesmaid A Current Affair
Tamara Joy took to Instagram stories to slam Jules Robinson in defence of Melissa Lucarelli. (Credit: Instagram)

However, Jules had a short and cold response when asked about all the drama. It appears the new bride is shrugging off the controversy as she begins her ‘real’ marriage to Cam.

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