Married At First Sight’s Jessika CONFIRMS massive news

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Unlike the ill-fated Sam and Ines affair, Married At First Sight contestants Daniel Webb and Jessika Power seem to be together and going strong after cheating on their respective partners with each other. 

WATCH! Jess CONFIRMS Her Move to Queensland With Dan!

After New Idea exclusively released photos of the pair kissing (while supposedly still being married to other people) their relationship was hard to deny. 

Now, Perth based Jessika has confirmed she is moving to Queensland to be with her man. 

A recent photo posted to Instagram account @MAFSfunny caught the blonde beauty travelling on a bus between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and it wasn’t long before Jess took to the comment section to confirm she is now a local. 

insta jess power
(Credit: Instagram)

Jess wrote: “This was a train and I was on it the other day making my way from Brisbane to the Gold Coast”.

Responding to Jess’s comment the account cheekily asked who in the Gold Coast Jess was off to see: “Off to see anyone nice on the GC?”

To which Jess responded: “I was off to see someone who starts with D and rhymes with Dan”.  

The administrative assistant then confirmed she had, in fact, left her hometown and moved to the Sunshine Coast to be with Dan. 

“I’ve just moved here and I’m waiting for my car to be shipped,” Jess explained to one user. 

Looks like things are moving fast with these two! 

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