Married At First Sight Cyrell takes a VICIOUS swipe at Jessika and Martha

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She captured the hearts of Australian viewers with her controversial antics and outspoken personality on Married At First Sight.

And true to form, Cyrell Paule didn’t mince her words during a MAFS trivia night in Sydney’s Bankstown area last night.

Cyclone Cyrell documented her evening via Instagram stories with a series of short clips, but it was a fan video she re-posted that grabbed the attention of social media users.

WATCH this video to see what has everyone talking!

In an apparent swipe at her former co-stars and arch nemeses Jessika Power and Martha Kalifatidis, the feisty Filipina is heard saying: “I feel like there are some females that put other females down.

“They think they’re better than them. Beauty is not defined by how you look, you’re money or what you are given.

“Beauty comes from your morals and your dignity and what you stand for – and I will always be ten times more beautiful than those females!” she declared triumphantly.

Cyrell’s words come after Martha and Jessika were slammed by social media users for saying they don’t need to work because their parents support them financially, the Greek City Times said.


It’s not the first time Cyrell has blasted her fellow brides.

Earlier this month, the Parramatta-based beauty called Kardashian lookalike Martha “a rat” on Instagram.

Taking to the comment section on fan account @MAFSFunny, Cyrell commented on a still picture of the infamous moment Martha threw a glass of red wine over her with the caption: “Takes a brave person to pour anything over Cyrell.”

The Cyclone hit back by saying that nothing about the situation was ‘brave’: “No! If you guys only knew! How she planned it! Nothing brave. Just the actions of a dirty, sneaky rat.” 

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