THIS is how much the people on MAFS get paid

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Married At First Sight’s season finale raked in a whopping 1.9 million viewers and gave the whole cast of the show celeb status, but despite this, the MAFS cast receive a relatively small paycheck for their efforts. 

WATCH: Ex cast member Telv reveals how much MAFS contestants get paid! 

During an Instagram Q&A Wednesday, former MAFS star Telverne Williams revealed exactly how much Channel Nine pays their cast: $150 a day, tax-free. 

One fan asked the 34-year-old: “Did MAFS pay for new outfits each week or the dinner parties or commitment ceremonies?”

In the clip, Telv is seen saying: “You gotta do all your own hair and makeup. You gotta do your own dress, buy your own clothes.

“You get paid $150 dollars a day, tax-free. It’s sh**, it’s rubbish…everything is off your own f***ing back.” 

(Credit: Instagram)
(Credit: Instagram)

Telv then went on to claim Channel Nine gave him a measly budget of $1500 for his wedding outfit. 

If you’re after some cash, maybe a career in reality TV isn’t your best option. 

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