Married as First Sight: Jessika Power reveals – Dan’s biggest betrayal

The Married at First Sight star opens up about her traumatic break up
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Ever since her bitter split from ex Dan Webb, Married at First Sight star Jessika Power has been in ‘a dark place’.

In a tell-all exclusive, Jess reveals how the dad-of-one betrayed her and showed a very different side away from the cameras.


After the show finished filming, Jess explains how she didn’t see Dan for five weeks – he cut her off and “ghosted her” despite admitting at the final vows that he was madly in love with her and wanted her to move from Perth to his home town on the Gold Coast.

“He became really distant and wasn’t showing any effort,” Jess spills.

According to the part-time model, Dan never told her about his alleged fraud debt and she heard about it through the grapevine after it came out in the press.

“He was so on-and-off,” Jess adds. “Hot and cold all the time. I moved all the way to the Gold Coast for this man and he didn’t tell me about the court case, goes all funny on me … it was really weird.

“When I confronted him about it, Dan said he didn’t want me to judge him.”

But why couldn’t Dan just be honest and upfront? It’s questions like this that keep Jess asking what really went wrong.

When the MAFS reunion came around, instead of showing a united front following their rocky start on-screen in November 2018, Jess reveals that Dan continued to be distant – even before he’d seen the footage of Jess telling fellow contestant Nic Jovanovic, who was paired with Cyrell Paule at the time, that she was “sexually attracted to him”.


“I feel sorry for Tamara (who Dan was paired with),” Jess says,

“How Dan treated her, is how he treated me. He’s all hot and cold.”

Jess also insists that Dan shows one side of himself in front of the cameras and another in real life.

“It was only an hour before filming [show] Talking Married, we were having sex and eating dinner. He just changes his mind so quickly,” she explains.

In the show – which revealed all the behind-the-scenes gossip from MAFS – the pair are visibly cool and angry with each other.

It was clear their relationship had taken a turn for the worse and six months after they’d first sparked up a romance, Jess and Dan decided to call it quits …the biggest betrayal from Dan was yet to come.

While they had agreed to explain to the public and fans of the show the reason behind their break-up together, according to Jess, Dan went behind her back and told his side of the story alone. “He did it without telling me. We were supposed to do it together!” Jess gasps.

Dan’s behaviour left Jess feeling broken and confused.

“I’ve been in a dark place. He lied to me, went behind my back, he blocked me on Instagram and ghosted me – his mum even said that he loved me … then he just changes how he feels.”


Most recently, the pair both deleted any mention of each other on Instagram and unfollowed each other on the social media network.

Since the show ended, Jess has been approached to appear on another dating reality-TV series but, still nursing her wounds from Married at First Sight, she is hesitant. “I am flattered, but my hunt for love right now is on hold as I’m

hurt. But if the opportunity is still there in the future it may be something I will consider,” Jess confesses.

Recently, Jess was linked to former MAFS star Telv Williams – footage of her enjoying champagne with Telv in the early hours of the morning was leaked but Jess insists there is nothing untoward and prefers not to talk about the incident. “I never hooked up with him,” she says.

Jess was also publicly criticised after a private Snapchat video showing her and her aunt going to a bottle shop to purchase cigarettes after “a few wines” was leaked. But Jess says it was all one big joke. 

“My aunty and I always do these silly skits and that night I just wanted some cigarettes.

I only had two glasses of wine and we were only joking about me being drunk. It was just a fun thing that got blown out of proportion, and it’s been really damaging. We weren’t drunk at all,” Jess explains. 

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