MAFS star Melissa gets into screaming match with Cam’s groomsman

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Married At First Sight star Melissa Lucarelli wept and screamed at Nova FM newsreader Matt De Groot as she discussed being dumped as bridesmaid at Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant’s wedding.

Things got heated during her appearance on Fitzy & Wippa on Wednesday when the Nova newsreader suggested Mel’s sacking was warranted ‘because they weren’t close friends’.

SEE IT: Mel tears into newsreader about jules cam scandal 

“Literally, I could tell you like 20 times I had seen [Jules] this year, and her other bridesmaids didn’t live in the country… one was interstate,” said Melissa.

“You would think that I had done something so wrong to dump someone.”

De Groot – who attended the nuptials and served as groomsmen for Cam – went on to say that that she was perhaps dumped because they hadn’t know each other that long.

“I don’t know why I’m getting that kind of reaction from you, Matt,” said a visibly upset Mel.

Mel says she is hurt after being dumped as bridesmaid. (Credit: Channel 9)

Things got tense when Matt called out Mel for making the issue so public.

“Mel, you posted that photo moments after their ceremony for no reason,” he said.

“You had said your piece, it had been done, and then for no reason you jumped in and posted a photo of the two of you, threw yourself right back into the middle of it at exactly the moment it should have been about them.”

The brunette then snapped and screamed: “You have not thought about how this has affected me and made me feel!

“I was asked [to be a bridesmaid] on national television. Everyone knew. I think that is so rude of you, Matt! I can’t even believe I’m having this discussion with you.


“Am I just meant to not say anything so that everybody assumes that I did something so bad? Everyone was asking, so I addressed it!

“Do you want access to my Instagram inbox so you can go through all the messages [from fans] and answer them all? You’re very rude!”

Mel then broke down into tears as she detailed the humiliation she felt after being dumped.

“I got dumped for no legitimate reason,’ she wept. ‘Why is Heidi still a bridesmaid when [Jules] didn’t see her? How dare you, Matt!”

Married At First Sight Jules Robinson Melissa Lucarelli bridesmaid A Current Affair
From best friends to enemies: Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant were close with Melissa Lucarelli prior to the scandal. (Credit: Instagram)

During the MAFS reunion dinner party, Jules had asked both Heidi and Mel to be bridesmaids at her real-life wedding.

However, in October, it was reported Jules had shockingly removed her MAFS bestie Melissa from her bridal party.

“One day we were texting about family and babies, then two days later she was dumping me as a bridesmaid!” Mel told a local publication at the time.

The reality TV star said her dumping came out of nowhere and left her feeling like their friendship was a publicity stunt.

Jules and Cameron say ‘I do’ on national television. (Credit: Channel 9)

“Not only was the text cold, but she used our friendship for her own publicity,” alleged Mel. 

“She was posting about how amazing it was and how much she loved me, but it was clearly all an act. I feel completely blindsided by this, as our relationship and everything was real to me.”

Jules and Cam were officially married on Sunday in Sydney.

The wedding was held at Alpha restaurant in the centre of Sydney and was filmed for A Current Affair to be aired later this week. 

As Jules emerged from the venue at the end of the evening, she was photographed wearing a floral midi length dress by the Daily Mail. 

The pair first wed on 9’s Married At First Sight. (Credit: Channel 9)

It’s likely fans will be kept in the dark and won’t see her wedding dress until the special airs on Tuesday.

However, it’s rumoured the redhead wore not one but two dresses on throughout the event. 

With the 37-year-old allegedly wearing a ‘Cinderella’ inspired gown for her ceremony and a more ‘sexy’ dress for her reception.

Bridesmaid Heidi was also pictured leaving the venue looking exhausted after the long day. 

WATCH: MAFS’ Melissa ’embarrassed’ after Jules dumps her as bridesmaid

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