MAFS star is a ‘high-class male escort’ in budget film

$1000 will do it.
Channel 9

Footage of Married At First Sight‘s Dino Hira as a “high-class male escort” in a budget film has surfaced.

The male entertainer and aspiring actor plays the naughty role in Take My Wife Out.

The 6 minute and 44 second flick is about, “An ambiguously worded ad for a hitman” which “leaves a husband and wife in an awkward position.”

Dino, who was married to Melissa Lucarelli on the 2019 season of MAFS, plays the hitman, who is actually a male escort.

He’s paid $1000 by a woman’s husband, but believes he is simply sleeping with her.

We wont spoil the film’s ending, but we can tell you Dino won’t be winning any Oscars for his dramatic work. 


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