MAFS’ Mike makes a dangerous confession – so would you get in a car with him?

"As a man, I don't fear it."
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If you’re ever looking for a ride on the Gold Coast, consider Married At First Sight’s Mike Gunner your man.


The reality TV star-turned-aspiring podcaster admitted on the latest episode of Stick To Your Knitting that he happily picks up hitchhikers, and couldn’t understand why his two female co-hosts Bella Frizza and girlfriend Jessi Williamson would not.

“I picked up a hitchhiker. Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker, Bella?”

When Bella told him that she didn’t want to “get murdered”, Mike replied, “As a man, I don’t fear it.”

Then he tried to convince the ladies that picking up a hitchhiker was totally safe, by referring to the film Thelma and Louise.

“If you were with a girlfriend? Think Thelma and Louise… there’s a guy on the side of the road with a cowboy hat… so a Brad Pitt-like guy is standing on the side of the road, he’s got the shirt off, a little bit of sweat on the chest, the tight jeans – what, are you just going to drive past him?”

Does Mike not remember Thelma and Louise is a film about attempted rape, murder, concealing crimes and suicide?

When Bella continued to respond with “no,” Mike wondered why she wouldn’t pick up a good-looking man with his “thumb out and a sign to where you are going.”

But she remained defiant. “If I see a hitchhiker I usually lock my doors.”

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