MAFS’s Michael and Martha get REVENGE on producers

Who knew they were so funny?!
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It looks like Martha Kalifatidis and her hubby Michael Brunelli might have a career in TV producing post-Married At First Sight!


The husband and wife duo shared a hilarious clip to Instagram on Wednesday, impersonating – how they interpreted – their experiences with MAFS producers. 

“Trying to get breakfast there’s nothing. I’ll be having a coffee, Michael can watch me,” Martha began, filming her husband filming her with a video camera.

Michael then played the role of producer and cameraman, telling Martha, “More emotion! I need more emotion!”

Martha and Michael
(Credit: Instagram)

Try as she might, Martha’s acting skills need a bit of work.

“I’m devastated! Like, I just want to eat something… I don’t think I’m gonna make it through the day.

“Michael’s trying to starve me! I can’t take it, he wants to take me to the gym, he doesn’t wanna feed me.”

Michael then cut in, “Can we just do that again? Just one more time?

“Now we just need the close up… one more time. Act natural.”

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