MAFS Jules’ shows off her incredible body transformation

She's dropped 8kg and is looking fab.
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Married At First Sight star Jules Robinson has shown off her incredible 8 kilo weight loss following her wedding to Cam Merchant.

The reality-TV star took to Instagram to show off the incredible results from her Weight Watchers program.

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The photo on the left shows Jules in a black one-piece swimsuit in August after shedding three kilos, while the photo on the right was taken in December after the business owner had dropped a whopping eight kilos.

“I made it no secret that I was on a health mission before my wedding,” she captioned the photos on Instagram.

“I can honestly say I’ve always been comfortable and confident in my own skin, but now I feel all that and healthier and stronger,”

Jules Robinson
Jules has dropped a whopping 8kg. (Credit: Instagram)

“Over the past 12 months, somehow I put on 10 kilos,’ Jules candidly revealed. ‘I can proudly say

“I’ve never dressed differently because of a dress size or felt the need to cover up because of what size I am.”

“I embrace my curves. I love being curvy, and I choose a healthy mind to go with my health choices for the future.”

New Idea
‘I have a husband constantly telling me how great i look” (Credit: New Idea)

Jules concluded the post by adding that she’s getting her body prepped to become a mum.

In late November, the 37-year-old told New Idea that she couldn’t sing Weight Watchers praises enough, and that kids are definitely on the cards.

New Idea
“I’m back to focusing on my weight-loss and a healthy me.” (Credit: New Idea)

“I’m still going to lose another 5-6kg. As soon as I am back from the honeymoon, I’m back to focusing on my weight-loss and a healthy me.”

Jules added: “[We want kids] straight away. It’s definitely on the cards!” Jules says happily.

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