“IT’S OVER”: Dan and Jess split after MAFS meltdown

"I hate to be the person to break that news."
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In just a matter of hours, Married At First Sight‘s cheating duo, Dan Webb and Jessika Power are kaput! 

According to Monday night’s host of Talking Married, Ben Fordham, Dan called time on their relationship after that expletive-laden fight off camera.

“I think they’ve got a future. I think that future can be measured in hours,” Ben told NovaFM’s Fitzy and Wippa on Tuesday morning.

“Mate, it’s over. I hate to be the person to break that news, but it’s over… [Dan’s] realised it’s over.”

Ben’s comments follow the couple‘s very awkward interview the evening before.

“We were getting ready to interview Jess and Dan during the ad break, and look it was just so tense,” Ben explained to Fitzy.

“The two of them were sitting there and, you could tell, oh hang on a minute, something’s not right here. This is going to go downhill pretty fast.

“Then we had about two or three minutes to kill in the ad break, and one of them cracked a joke and the other one didn’t like it, and then they started abusing each other – f-bombs and everything,” the TV host continued.

“Now, under normal circumstances I would have said to producers, grab that and we’ll play it straight out of the break. But there were so many swear words, I’d have to beep it all.”


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