MAFS fakery exposed in editing fail: The truth about THOSE ‘cheating texts’

A rookie mistake!
Channel 9

Tensions are mounting and eyes are wandering on Married At First Sight as Sam Ball and Ines Basic continue with their on-screen flirtation – despite being married to other contestants.

But eagled-eyed fans have spotted a flaw in the storyline in the form of an editing fail on Sam’s phone.

Ines and Sam texting scandal and editing fail MAFS
(Credit: Channel 9)

The 26-year-old tradie received a cheeky text from Bosnian beauty Ines on Monday night’s installment of the Channel 9 hit.

Yet in scenes aired on Tuesday, MAFS viewers got a glimpse of Sam’s screen which proved he took half a day to respond to her message – leading social media users to slam the show for staging their alleged affair.

Screenshot of Sam Ball's phone MAFS
(Credit: Channel 9 via Facebook)
Sam Ball MAFS
(Credit: Channel 9)

The screenshot of the Instagram chat was timestamped at 11:52am, and the part-time model seemed to view the message exactly 12 hours later just before midnight. 

But Sam was filmed opening his DMs in broad daylight.

Fans also believe producers blurred a section of Ines’ text because of the large gap between her ‘Hello’ and the automated ‘do you want to let Ines send you a message from now on’ question.

Sam Ball MAFS
(Credit: Channel 9)

Taking to Facebook to vent their frustration, one viewer wrote: ‘Sam was showing his phone with Ines’ message during the day while Elizabeth was out, yet his phone says 11.52pm.’

Another chimed in: ‘Yes and because the whole scene took place during the day and he was showing his phone sitting on the couch in pure daylight, it couldn’t have been [11.52pm].’

The revelation comes after 28-year-old Ines admitted she could ‘really see herself hooking up’ with the tatted up hunk.

Despite his disastrous marriage to store manager Elizabeth, Sam seemed to have reservations about the illicit romance wondering to camera: ‘Where do I go from here? I don’t know.’

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