MAFS: Dean’s shock news for Davina

It's TVs biggest twist!

On last night’s episode of Married At First Sight, Dean Wells and Davina Rankin have well and truly embarked on a steamy relationship with each other – despite the fact they are married to other people. 

Now in a shocking turn of events, ‘alpha-male’ Dean appears to be having second thoughts about ditching his wife, Tracey Jewel.

In a trailer released by Channel Nine, the controversial reality star is set to create ‘TVs biggest twist’. 

Dean reveals his struggles to pick between Davina and Tracey (Credit: Channel 9)

While talking to the camera, Dean reveals that he and Tracey were intimate after last night’s dinner party. 

He explains, ‘There is that fire in the belly with Davina that I haven’t had with Tracey.

‘But, after the dinner party Tracey and I had fun, it was intense.’ 

The trailer shows Tracey and Dean waking up in a messy bed together, the pair evidently affectionate. 

Channel 9
Dean and Tracey shown waking up together after the dinner party (Credit: Channel 9)

Both ladies express confidence that Dean is going to be with them, while the in-demand groom struggles to decide.

I’ve got Tracey here, I’ve got Davina here, either way I am going to be the bad guy,’ he confesses. 

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