MAFS’ Cyrell spills the tea on her co-stars

Friends or foes? Cyrell bares all.
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“Cyclone Cyrell” was back with a vengeance on last night’s Married At First Sight reunion episode. But if you thought things slowed down once the cameras stopped rolling, think again. 

WATCH: Cyclone Cyrell strikes again… attacking Jessika

The MAFS royalty has plenty more to say about her fellow stars and, in true Cyrell fashion, she’s not holding back.

Scroll on down to read all the uncensored co-star tea Cyrell has spilled exclusively to New Idea.

Cyrell thinks Ines is “misunderstood”. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Ines: ‘Nobody understands her.’

“I feel like a lot of people misunderstand Ines – she’s very quirky and has a sense of humour I don’t think people always understand.

“One positive about coming back for the reunion was actually getting to see her. We became good friends following this and I really do hope to keep in contact – she’s very cool.”

Cyrell says she has a lot of “unresolved issues” with Martha. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Martha: ‘She caused a lot of hate.’

“I had a lot of unresolved issues with her and I wanted to see what she had to say for herself.

“People haven’t realised that I watched [Season 6] back with them. I never knew a lot of the hurtful comments she made about me to the camera.

“She said that I must have been raised in a zoo and that I could be a model for Pedigree Pal … she caused a lot of hate against me.”

Cyrell says she and Jules “text all the time”. (Credit: Supplied)

Jules: ‘She hasn’t met my baby!’

“Truthfully, we text all the time, but we’re both very busy mothers now so it’s often difficult to catch up!

“We actually came very close to seeing each other not long ago, but if it’s not her schedule that’s making things difficult, it’s mine.

“I’m still very close with Jules and Cam, but you know what they say once you have kids – you really don’t have much of a social life.”

Cyrell says Dean just wanted “clout” and “airtime”. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Dean: ‘He betrayed me and Eden.’

“Before we filmed part two, he said I handled the dinner party poorly – he didn’t understand how frustrated I was.

“We spoke, we agreed to disagree, but of course he had to go bring it up again! He’s supposed to be a friend of Eden and mine, but no, he just wanted to be a hero – get clout and get airtime!”

Cyrell says Lizzie “has made amends”. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Lizzie: ‘She has made amends.’

“We fell out over something trivial like a club appearance, and at the time I had said some hurtful things about her and she had done the same.

“Unlike Jess and Martha, Liz showed me she wanted to make amends at the dinner party. The difference between Elizabeth and Jess is that she is genuine and honest.”

Cyrell says Nasser has “no class”. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Nasser: ‘He loves to lie!’

“Nasser and Jessika share so much in common – no education! Only a person with no class, morals or education could sit there and troll people online or feel the need to talk about others.

“They’re both very miserable, love to lie and are bored in their own lives. They’re actually the perfect couple – the experts should match them next!”

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