Luke Jacobz claims Lindsay Lohan tried to lure him into bed

'She texted, I would say, 25 times'.

From Home And Away to Hollywood – Luke Jacobz has seen his star rise in recent years, and the Aussie actor certainly has more than his fair share of celebrity run-ins to share.

On Tuesday’s episode of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! The actor revealed Lindsay Lohan once tried to tempt him into her hotel room.


Luke – who is participating in the latest series of the hit reality show – said the flame-haired actress ‘mounted the curb’ when she saw him on the street in Los Angeles around 2012.

‘She picked me up one day. On the street. Lindsay is driving along, she does a u-turn and mounts the curb in a Porsche,’ he began the story.


‘She’s got this long black singlet with the b**bs hanging out. She asked for my number,’ he added. 

Luke then explained that the troubled starlet began to hound him with texts in a bid to get him to come over to her room at Hollywood’s exclusive Chateau Marmont Hotel.

‘She texted and texted. She texted, I would say, 25 times’. 

The actor says Lindsay’s messages read: ‘What are you doing, when are you coming? I put your name at the door. I’m in the room, I’m waiting for you.’

In the end, Luke never showed up, his reason being: ‘She sounded a little but too keen. She sounded like she was smashed and I wasn’t ready for that.’   

Despite his initial doubts, Luke went on to admit he tried to contact Lindsay several months later but she didn’t reply.

Thankfully, the Logie Award winner is now engaged to his fiancée Raychel Stuart. 


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