Lover tells: Leo is awful in bed!

The verdict is in.

It turns out Leonardo DiCaprio is a lazy lover.

A source has revealed all after her friend was invited back to Oscar winner’s mansion. 

‘It wasn’t just that he was a little lackluster – he was completely rude,’ the friend told US magazine OK.

During sex, ‘Leo reached for his vaporizer and a pair of noise-canceling headphones, laid back and closed his eyes and signaled for her to keep going. She couldn’t believe it,’ the friend told the magazine.

Embarrassed, Leo’s lover ‘just carried on while he vaped and listened to MGMT, hoping the situation would change. But it didn’t.’

(Credit: Getty Images)

This isn’t the first time Leo has been criticised for his performance in the bedroom.

Another source said, ‘Leo is beyond selfish in bed.’

‘The way he sees it, these women are getting a chance to be with the premier star of our generation, and if they aren’t happy with his performance they can find the door.’

Adding, ‘He enjoys pushing the limits of acceptable behavior, just to toy with them.’

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