Love Island Natasha’s romp with pop superstar

This is HUGE!

During last night’s episode of Love Island, beauty salon owner Natasha was revealed to have spent a night with a massive pop superstar.

The revelation came to light during a game of spin the bottle that involved a whole lot of lip-locking.

Natasha confessed she had spent two nights with a major pop star but remained coy on who it was. She said: ‘I’m not allowed to tell you. It’s a secret.’

It was later hinted that the 24-year-old had signed a non-disclosure agreement to ensure it remained a secret. ‘It was five years ago. I’m not allowed to say anything else, cause you’ll get it easy’. 

Natasha (Credit: Channel 9)

All signs point to Justin Bieber being the mystery star as Natasha’s introduction video to the show stated she had previously partied with Bieber.

Narrator of the show, Eoghan McDermott even dropped a major hint during the revealing scene. He said: ‘We can’t tell you his name directly, but we might drop some vague clues during the show. In unrelated news, did you know that Kim has a baby, baby, oh?’ along with ‘Leave her alone guys, she signed a thing. And if she breached the thing she signed, it would be too late now to say sorry.’

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