Shocking abuse: Erin and Millie’s brutal Love Island fight

Things get fiery in the villa.

Channel Nine’s new reality dating show Love Island has delivered it’s first catfight. On Tuesday night’s episode, contestants Millie and Erin got into a heated argument following a game of spin the bottle. 

Contestants were asked a series of questions about the male player’s previous dating histories, and the female on which the bottle landed on would have to kiss the boy they thought the story matched with. 

Millie kissed Erin’s ‘boyfriend’ Eden, causing the seething blonde to flip her the bird and insist it wasn’t the kiss she was offended by, but the person delivering it.

Millie approached Tayla and Erin after the game had finished, and asked: ‘So what did you think about the whole challenge (spin the bottle) thing, with Eden kissing the other girls?’

‘I was fine with it…But I don’t like him kissing you, obviously,’ a clearly offended Erin replied.

‘But I was fine with him kissing Tayla, because she did the whole ‘girl code’ thing and looked back for permission.

Erin then told Millie she didn’t think the bubbly brunette understood ‘girl code’, and stormed off saying: ‘I don’t think I want to have this conversation with you right now.’


‘What? Excuse me! That’s an assumption that you’re making,’ Millie, clearly confused, responded. 

Later, Erin couldn’t help but bring up the situation again. 

‘It’s not about girl code, babe! You and me just aren’t going to get along, you’re just not my cup of tea’ she told Millie. 

‘I just don’t like the way that you act, it’s like, it’s not respectable, it’s not proper. I don’t think it’s legitimately you.’ 

‘You think it’s about the game, but it’s about you as a person!’ 

Later, in a confessional, Erin said of Millie: ‘She thinks I’m threatened by her!? What am I threatened by? Your small t*ts and your small lips and your pointy little eyes?  

Millie returned serve in the Island’s confession booth moments later: ‘I couldn’t give a s**t what Erin thinks about me! I care more about what the cat that wanders around the villa thinks about me than Erin!’

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