The first look at Locky Gilbert’s SAS Australia journey is here

It looks like Locky vs Paul on this season
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SAS Australia has dropped another trailer for its 2022 season, this time giving us a look into the journey of actor Paul Fenech, who looks like he’ll come to blows with none other than former Bachelor, Locky Gilbert.

WATCH BELOW: Pauly Fenech Sneak Peek | SAS Australia 2022

The new promo shows Paul discussing his background and lets us in on his determination to fight his way through Australia’s most gruelling reality TV show.

Paul, who is best known for his work writing, producing and acting in the likes of Fat Pizza, Housos, and Bogan Hunters, reveals that ‘this is going to be the serious side of Pauly Fenech people haven’t seen before’.

“The other competitors, they’re more worried about their Botox than they are about anything else. I have no shame,” he can be heard saying as he strips down naked, leading the others to giggle.

“How you got here, I do not know,” the show’s lead trainer, Ant Middleton, can be heard saying to Paul. “You keep getting beaten down, beaten down, and every time you get back up.”

Paul Fenech will join the 2022 cast for SAS Australia. (Credit: Instagram)

However, Paul is seen to come into conflict with Locky, who is seen criticising the filmmaker.

“If we’re in a team, I don’t trust you,” Locky says at one point.

“Oh my god Pauly, you’re a liability,” he later adds.

Locky reportedly took training for SAS Australia very seriously, with his social media showing many a video of him sweating it out in order to prepare for the show.

One video has him doing squats with girlfriend Irena Srbinovska on his shoulders, while Irena has also posted about her pride in Locky’s dedication.

Locky with his supportive girlfriend, Irena. (Credit: Instagram)

“Over the last few months I have seen you work harder than I have ever seen work their body. You have also eaten more food than I have ever seen anyone consume,” she joked on Instagram in October, right before Locky went off to film the series.

“I am so proud of you, good luck babe @locklangilbert no matter how far you go I am proud but I know you can make it to the end!”

“You are truly dedicated to this … good luck my love,” she finished.

Locky reading Ant Middleton’s book in preparation for the show. (Credit: Instagram)

Locky and Irena met on season eight of The Bachelor in 2020, where Irena was Locky’s chosen winner at the very end.

They have since remained in a strong and loving relationship, seeming to go from strength to strength, supporting each other through a devastating miscarriage and ongoing border closures, resulting in Irena being separated from her family in Melbourne.

The two now live together in Perth, where Irena works full-time as a nurse.

We’re very much looking forward to Locky’s next reality TV round, and keen to see if he and Paul Fenech can reach an agreement and make a friendship work!

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