Little Girls Give Adorable Advice to Michelle Obama

Four young girls give the first lady some very honest advice.

Four young lucky ladies recently had the honour of spending some time with the first lady of the USA, Michelle Obama at the White House.

Michelle Obama asked her young advisees several questions in the clip, such as “What are the three most important things I should pack?” To which the girls recommended clothes, a toothbrush and a “fancy hat”. These are undeniably, very practical suggestions. 

However, the girls turned up the cute-factor when Michelle asked, “What’s the best way to great someone if you don’t speak the same language?”

“You can give hope to them” says one of the little girls. How adorable!

After asking the girls to teach her, their favourite dance moves, Michelle moved on to her departure from the White House.

She asked the young committee, “What’s the first thing, do you think I should do when I move out of the White House?”

To which the girls, innocently but rather sarcastically replied, “pack” and “get in the car”.

The young girls do not at all seem phased by meeting someone such as Michelle Obama, who has two Ivy League institutions on her resume. If anything, one of the little girls couldn’t have appeared any less impressed.

When asked, “how would you sum up you experience today?” this little girl just shrugged her shoulders.

(Credit: Cosmopolitan / YouTube)

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