Lisa Wilkinson shares pics of lavish European getaway

The TV star is taking a break from The Project

Following New Idea’s exclusive report that Lisa Wilkinson may be heading back to Nine, the TV star has been sharing pictures of her lavish European getaway with husband Peter FitzSimons.

The Project star started her romantic vacation in London, where she shared a picture from her fancy hotel.


“Hello London. Hello holiday! While hubby does research in some stuffy old library for his next book…breakfast here at the beautiful #HamYardHotel. Love this place.” She captioned a picture of her stunning hotel.

Next up, the pair took in the City of Love.

“Favourite dress. Favourite husband. Favourite city (outside Australia of course!)” the 58 year old captioned a pic of the pair posing in front of the Eiffel Tower.


“Oh Paris, you take my breath away every time…”

The veteran TV star also praised FitSimons for being so patient whilst she shopped up a storm.

“Big shout-out to all the wonderful husbands out there who have tolerated this…” she captioned the below image.


Me: “Darling, I just want to grab something from that shop over there.” Him: “How long will you be?” Me: “Ten. Tops.” Him: “OK, I’ll wait here.” Me (45 mins later): This photo.”

The couple are now busy sunning themselves on Italy’s Amalfi Coast.


On the Red Fish boat back to Positano from the fabulously rustic #Daadolfo beachside restaurant…best, freshest seafood imaginable, with the cutest little pug Pia the restaurant mascot, taking the trip with us. 

She then followed up with a photo from Le Sirenuse, a 5-star luxury boutique hotel that she and Peter are staying at.


‘View from the stunning @lesirenuse hotel in Positano,’ she wrote. 

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