Lisa Curry says her skin was once compared to a ‘crocodile handbag’

Lisa recently revealed she has launched her very own skincare line.
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Lisa Curry has revealed that she made an active choice to take care of her skin after years of her athletic lifestyle took its toll and lead to some majorly unflattering comparisons.

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“Someone once told me that my skin looked like a crocodile handbag! Harsh, but true,” Lisa wrote in her column for Body+Soul magazine on Saturday.

“I’ve always been aware of how important it is to look after myself. But now, more than ever, it’s become top of mind as my skin starts to reflect my life choices. For some, it comes down to good genes.”

The former Olympian continued, “But many aren’t so lucky and have to work hard for it. I’ve spent so much time in the Australian elements and in swimming pools, I know what it’s like to need to take care of your skin.”

Lisa has now launched her own skincare line. (Credit: Instagram)

After making some “lifestyle tweaks”, such as “eating meals packed with superfoods and nutrients for optimal skin health and healing”, Lisa began to notice a major improvement to her skin.

It comes following the announcement that the former competitive swimmer would be launching her very own skincare line, HappySkin by Lisa Curry.

A few years ago I woke up, looked in the mirror and saw a wrinkle !! I thought OMG, this is the start 😩 and realised that my lifestyle had finally caught up with me… nearly 60 years of being in the harsh Australian sun and chlorine had taken its toll,” she wrote on Instagram.

“My skin is not great… it’s splotchy and dry and laugh lines that reflect my fun life,” Lisa admitted, adding, “but I wanted a skincare range that was simple, a daily routine that was easy to maintain, and products that actually worked on the deep layers of damaged skin to correct and protect.”

“We can’t prevent the inevitable ageing process but with a lifestyle that includes a moderate exercise routine, nutrient-dense meals (most of the time😋), and a range of cosmeceutical professional-strength ingredients combined with probiotics, my HappySkin by Lisa Curry ( hey that’s me!! 😂) has been born.🌸

“After using my products for the last 18 months my skin is actually looking better, it’s clearer and cleaner because it’s now routine (who has gone to bed without taking all your makeup off properly 🙋‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️guilty).”

You can check out Lisa’s skincare range on Instagram here.

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