Grant Denyer & Lisa Curry’s hidden connection REVEALED

It's a small world, after all.
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Lisa Curry and Mark Tabone recently hit the road for a romantic road trip, sharing a gorgeous image of their journey along the way. Among fans revelling over the sweet shot was the familiar face of Grant Denyer, who was quick to point out his connection to the couple. 

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On her own Instagram account, Lisa, 59, shared a photo of herself and Mark inside a vintage Mustang as they hit the road for a lovely winter’s drive. The former Olympian was donning a fluffy pink jumper and beanie while her husband rocked a white turtle neck. The scenery outside the window was blurred as the couple zoomed along a mystery road.

“Winter is here! Sunday drive with my beautiful hubby 💕🌸 #mustang,” Lisa captioned the photo.

Catching the eye of Grant Denyer, 43, was one very particular aspect of the photo, to which the Family Feud host pointed out his sweet connection. 

Lisa and Mark hit the road for a sweet Sunday drive. (Credit: Instagram)

“That looks very much like a gorgeous Mustang !! I’ve got one too!! Beautiful machine. You guys looks amazing,” Grant wrote.

Meanwhile, fans of the couple also shared their support for the sweet Sunday drive.

“Lisa you look fabulous (as always) I hope you and your darling hubby have a most wonderfully enjoyable day out 🤗😍,” one user wrote.

“Love this. He looks like a movie star from the 50’s!..🔥,” another observed.

“I can see the love you guys have, its so beautiful,” a third penned. 
Lisa and Mark recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary. (Credit: Instagram)

Lisa and Mark celebrated their third wedding anniversary last month on the 11th of May.

To mark the occasion, Lisa took to Instagram to share a series of gorgeous photos from her and Mark’s, 55, wedding day, honeymoon, and a recreation of the whole thing completed in the following years.

In the first photo, Mark planted a smooch on Lisa while she sat atop a gorgeous white classic car, donning a gorgeous pink ensemble that flowed in the wind behind her. 

“At this moment 3 years ago we sat here having this photo taken … our wedding day ❤️😍then left on an amazing honeymoon to India, Egypt, Malta and Abu Dhabi…. a trip of a lifetime and possibly, sadly, not going back for a very long time.” Lisa captioned the post.

“I’m so glad we made the effort to take our wedding gear and recreate these photos … such a fun trip. Such a fun life with my Mark, my husband. Happy Anniversary my love 😍”

Grant and Chezzi have been married for 12 years. (Credit: Getty)

Meanwhile, Grant Denyer is also loved up with his wife of 12 years Chezzi Denyer, but it certainly wasn’t love at first sight. 

As it turns out, the pair weren’t each other’s biggest fans when they first met.

Speaking on their podcast, IT’S ALL TRUE? in September 2020, Grant confessed, “We hate each other. Quite frankly, we just hated each other”.

However, the dynamic changed once the now-couple inadvertently brushed hands.

“There was a moment, there was a spark, there was an explosion inside of me and I was like ‘whoa!’ and the game changed, and my world stopped and love just flooded in”, Grant said.

He added: “I was like, I felt this tingle from head to toe come over me. I realised I cannot live without this woman and I need her in my life forever.”

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