I’m A Celeb stars’ foul abuse for the Oldfields

The fellow campmates wasted no time.

Controversial couple Lisa and David Oldfield entered the I’m A Celebrity jungle on Monday night as the intruders, and their new campmates have wasted no time in slamming the two. 

Former AFL star Josh Gibson and comedian Peter Rowsthorn quickly fled from the group within minutes of the Oldfields arriving, sharing with each other their disappointment at their arrival. 

‘He is a dickhead. I can see it already. I thought we said a ‘no idiot’ policy,’ Gibson fumed.

‘They are both total idiots,’ Rowsthorn responded.

‘Well, we knew they were going to try and send somebody in to rough us up. There they are. I am telling you right now, I will start on him. Fi [Fiona O’Loughlin] said he is a racist, do you know anything about him?’ asked Gibson.

Rowsthorn told Josh that David ‘just says dumb stuff all the time,’ while Lisa’s job is to be ‘professionally annoying.’

He also fumed about David’s opener when introducing himself at camp: ‘Is Kimmy here?’, a reference to Rowsthorn’s best known role on Kath and Kim.

‘Only drunk people say that to me,’ Rowsthron says. ‘Total fool.’ 

Gibson appeared unaware of Oldfield’s political past as the co-founder of the One Nation party with Pauline Hanson, but said he wanted to know why O’Loughlin would’ve already warned him that he was a racist.

‘I just want to know why Fi said he is a racist, if that’s the case, mate, look out,’ he warned.

On social media, viewers agreed with the campmates and shared their displeasure at the two new jungle members. 


The Oldfields are the last contestants to enter this season of I’m A Celeb, co-host Dr Chris Brown confirmed. 

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